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Welcome to Burnham Boilers Info. My name is Chris. I had created this site to inform you more about Burnham Boilers. Choosing a good boiler for your home is a very important decision that you have to make. With so much information listed in the world wide web about Burnham boilers, it is hard for you to pick your choice. Reason being, they are very unorganized. I am here to help you fix that and guide you to finding your choice. My motto is to help you make a better informed decision. Happy reading!

Thank you!

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  1. Roddy Colcord Says:

    How old would is my boiler and can I get an operating manual? It is a V-35, serial # 23000209. Thanks

  2. admin Says:

    I’m afraid I can’t answer that (my guess would be 2007), so go straight to the source:
    Toll free Customer Care: 888.791.3790
    Email: info@burnhamcommercial.com

    or use their online form at: http://www.burnhamcommercial.com/rfq/

  3. B. McGuerty Says:

    I have a Burnham boiler in my home that runs on fuel oil, can it be converted to natural gas?

  4. Sue Says:

    we installed the Burnham Alpine boiler, but the boiler making a loud noise when it’s standby to run. How can we solve this problem? Thanks.

  5. Jerry Says:

    I have a Burnham gas fired boiler (Spirit) and a boiler mate. My issue is that the radiant floor heat will not cool down. The unit is not running and the pipes connecting the boiler and furnace are cool to the touch. The only line that is hot is the hot water line coming from the boiler. Help

  6. George Mihov Says:

    Good morning,

    I have a furnace model # 204NEI-GEI2 installed 6/2007. The issues are:
    – The furnace works sporadically. It tryies to go on every 10-15 min and then immediatelly shuts off.
    – I changed the controller and it did not help.
    – When I short circut the system (remove the controller and connect the + and – the furnace works.

  7. David Ellis Says:


    Replacing Burnham cast iron steam boiler and looking at Burnham steam condensing. Below ground basement installation.
    What are the regulations as to where the exhaust gas condensate is discharged?


    David Ellis.

  8. Robert Harrell Says:

    I have a oil fired boiler and need to know if i can convert to natural gas , it is not very old but when it was put in NG was not in front of my house. My boiler is steam heat!!

  9. Philip busalacchi Says:

    I have an electric steam radiator, model FO-11.The nameplate says Burnham Boiler Corp. New York. Do you know how old it is? Is it worth anything? Thank You.

  10. rick Says:

    What do I need to convert a Burnham oil burner that uses steam to heat, to natural gas. It is a mod. AFG, ser.# 030922-32773. Could you also explain what a (section?) is, in terms of the boiler.

  11. doug Says:

    I have a burnham boiler S# 22052088 Boiler # V-15A-T oil fired boiler. Can I switch this over to a natural gas burner?

  12. scott Says:

    i have an in5 steam boiler and the pressure troll isnt working , could i jump it out for short periods of time to gat heat

  13. Laura Tayloe Says:

    Can a Burnham V8 oil burner be converted to a gas boiler? How can that be achieved and at what cost approximately. Than you for your help.

  14. Angel Mojica Says:

    I turn on my thermostat and the boiler makes a click sound but does not fire in. The pilot is lit and I have hot water but I have no heat.

  15. elaine wagner Says:

    I had a burnham boiler installed 14 years ago and it cracked.

  16. Kevin Says:

    I am ready to replace my boiler. I can receive a $1,900 rebate if I can determine it is 30 years old or older. However, there is no serial number on the boiler. It is a V33 unit. Is there any other way to determine the age of this boiler to see if I qualify for the rebate? Thanks.

  17. Darren Says:

    Can you please provide me with all the proper set up information for an MPO147DV-TN Boiler, such as oil pressure, correct nozzle Etc. This unit runs off an in ground 550 gallon oil tank with a 2 line system located in the Northeast.

  18. Tom Lentz Says:

    The water reclamation facility I manage has a Burnham Steam Heat Fire Tube Boiler Model PSW-60L. We are collecting quotes for the current boiler chemical contract and need to know the boiler volume in gals.
    Thank You.
    Thomas Lentz
    North Shore Water Reclamation District – Gurnee

  19. David Brandschain Says:

    Hi, Just bought an older home with a Burnham Boiler model # P-205A-WNV. Was able to light the pilot but cannot get the burner to ignite. Are these burners available? If so, where can I buy this part?


  20. Ettore Panzanaro Says:

    I have mod. # PV84WT-TBWF boiler. it operates with domestic hot water coil and an hydro air coil. It has anti freeze in it and needs to be changed. I don’t know what brand was used but would like to know what should be used. Also if an additive also needs to be add. Thank You.

  21. Rich Says:

    I have a Burnham V8H that is about 6 years old and is running on oil, can it be converted to gas? I see the question has been asked numerous times above but never answered. Thanks

  22. mickey Says:

    I need a 6036016 tank less hot water coil replaced and the gasket for a rs-112 boiler.
    20 years old just dribbling a bit of hot water.

    Anyone know where I can get EXACT OEM or closest to exact. Thanks

  23. Roger Says:

    Just moved to Spokane Washington. Natural gas burnham boiler works fine, but power now out for 3 days and temps going into the teens. Will my system freeze? How can I protect it?

  24. Joe Agate Says:

    I have a Burnham boiler that is 23 yrs. old. Never have had a problem, however, recently when the burners are on, the boiler makes a loud crackling sound, works & heats fine but the crackling & rumbling can get annoying. Please advise.

    Thank You

    Joe Agate

  25. Dave Barnett Says:

    We have a Burnham Boiler RS-109 and Beckett oil burner AE-579715, 1988 vintage.
    They have served us very well.
    We have had it serviced professionally every year since we’ve owned the house (19+ years).
    We’re due again withing a week or so. We’re starting to smell fumes, but it is not setting off the CO/smoke detector.
    I think it needs parts, but I think our dealer just wants to sell us a new unit and says they’re not available.
    Please provide a link for a service manual so I identify possible parts and to find price and availability.
    I am not a burner technician but have a hands-on engineering background so I am capable of assessing the situation.
    Please advise ASAP.

  26. Timothy Jacobson Says:

    I have the Revolution RV7 gas boiler that was put into service in 2007. For the past two years the induced draft fan has been getting louder and louder. Looking on the forums, many people have the same issue. Because of the tremendous cost of replacing the entire unit under part number 6116056, is there anyway that it can be purchased through a direct way to reduce the high cost?

  27. Norman Ewing Says:

    Have Burnham Holiday 225,000 BTU Would like to
    know the Pressure specifications for optimum performance.


  28. DK Says:

    Had Burnham 130 BTU steam boiler manufactured 2004.
    This year top of the front section develop whole 6 inch wide and 2 inch wide.
    With “old product” this would not be even thinkable!!!!!!!!!!
    Question is, how is this possible for boiler last only 11 years? Does it means that, manufactures design their product deliberately fail after certain years in service? What went wrong, that this kind of extracting of customer money become possible in US?

  29. Chris Says:

    looking for a manual for a Burnham 204NCL-TEI2 boiler.
    If no manual is available, hopefully someone can give the the OEM number for a replacement thermocouple.

    thanks in advance…..

  30. Ed Zeswick Says:

    I bought a Sportsman 2000W generator to run my 2 year old Burnham Series 2 gas boiler when the electricity goes out. Unfortunately it will not run. Once the generator is connected, the green indicator light on the boiler turns on for a few seconds, then goes out and the red light comes on. When I return to the house electricity, all is fine. Any thoughts? The generator will run a household lamp no problem.

  31. Nonno Frats Says:

    I have a burnham mod.# IN5 gas steam boiler.
    There are no visable leaks at any of the radators
    or at the boiler or any of the connecting pipes, but I have to add water to the system more often than I should as far as I know. Do you have any solutions,I would sure appreciate it.Thank you.

  32. dennis s Says:

    Have a new k2-120 page 11 of operating manual talks about excessive boiler cycles
    What ratio of run time hours to boiler cycles would be excessive? called Burnham and they would not answer. Also in past month unit run times average 19-20 hours per day. Is this normal.

  33. James sullivan Says:

    I am a service tech who tried all weekend to contact someone from burnham about a freedom boiler , model fom 120, that has a error code of B52 and it’s not in the book or anywhere on the web, What is this code

  34. Jay Otis Says:

    I need to know the date of manufacture of a Burnham boiler model V-18A-T, SN 22126104. How do I determine the date of manufacture?


  35. arlene Says:

    I have a burnham oil boiler. One plumber told me thath it can be converted; another plumber told me that Burnham sent out directives specifically saying that the seal in the oil burner is not adequate for gas. Which opinion is correct? The burner is relatively new.

  36. Chris Cook Says:

    Question on boiler sizing. If I’m adding indirect hot water tank (50 gal) to the design of my new system, how much do I add in Btu to the house heat load to determine the proper sized boiler? I’m looking at the 95% eff condensing units. House Manual J load it 68,000 Btu. 50 Gal indirect water heater says 50,000 Btu. So do I add none, some or all of the 50k Btu of the DHW to the 68k house load to size my new boiler?

  37. Patrick Jones Says:

    Hello Chris,

    I have a Burnham hot water furnace model V14AT with a tankless water heater. It has been leaking for sometime and rusted pretty good so I wish to replace it. I have the original owners manual and the part numbers listed for tankless heater V1-1 is 8032201 (GPM 3.5) and V1.2 8032202 (GPM4). I need the tankless heater, blank heater cover plate and heater/cover plate gasket (prefer black not red). Where can I and purchase these replacement parts? Thank You in advance.

  38. George Says:

    In search of Installation manual – P-205A-WNV

  39. Tony Russo Says:

    I have a Burnham ES2 gas burner. I believe it is about 3 or 4 years old. I bought the house two years ago. I tried turning the heat on yesterday and it does not start. It tries to start (Sta SPARK),there is a pilot flame and it gives up and re-tries. Gas is definitely on because our stove and hot water heater are functioning. I heard there was some known issue with this unit. Is that true? Would it still be under warranty?

  40. mike gardner Says:

    I have a CHG 150 gas hot water boiler, initially it came on, the fan was variable speed, it did a diag. the fan would stop and start, the flame would come on, the fan would stop, flame would go out. I first get 0-60 then A-58, I would say it’s my board, it’s not detecting the fan, or regulating the air flow, how long do you guarantee my main control board, I have only used it 3 seasons, I notice there is no telephone number, no one to talk to ? that is puzzling ! I’m concerned.

  41. mike gardner Says:

    how much is a new computer control ?

  42. mike gardner Says:

    it looks like my computer crapped out after 9 months of running. approximately 3 months for 3 seasons, 9 months. I think you should replace it for free ! or reinstall the software and reboot the unit. problem is there is no one to contact. do you have a factory rep. who will get my unit up and running. it’s not even broken in yet !

  43. Greg S Says:

    I have a burnham P204A-WNV approx. 15-20 years old, trying to find installation manual, specifically parts breakdown list, serial number is illegible


  44. Ron raffele Says:

    I need a wiring diagram and location for serial #35054435. I am installing a wifi thermostat. Thank you

  45. John Jones Says:

    I have a Burnham steam boiler for my home, installed 1986.
    What is the proper water temperature setting? Is it different for winter versus summer, as in the summer it is only used for domestic hot water?

  46. Chris Says:

    Hi – I’m trying to get an idea of $/ft, installed, for the Baseray baseboard radiators. Just looking for a ballpark #.


  47. Dan LeCompte Says:

    I have a burnham boiler V78 – 1996. How many years is warranty good for.

  48. Patrick Farrell Says:

    I have burnham series 2 gas boiler theirs an error code 56 but yet can’t find that code # information anywhere?

  49. Nila Parrington Says:

    We have a leaking boiler. Our technician says it’s the heat exchanger, leaking water from left rear corner of boiler. We purchased our boiler in October 1996. Can you help us. Our technician’s phone is: 970-379-6109. Thank you.
    Nila Parrington

  50. Nivas Says:


    We are purchasing a home and the home has burnham cast iron boiler serial number 17202514. how much would it cost to replace with a new one.

  51. Tom Taylor Says:

    Need information on trouble shooting a 200 series (2010)…..can I get a circuit diagram? Online
    Thanks. Tom

  52. Ben Says:

    Question: I have a natural gas steam burnham boiler.model IN-7, year 1991. Serial # 10015251. I will like to know the proper pressuretrol setting. I have it set to the main(cut in) .5 and the differential dial at 2 psi. Is this setting ok. The pressuretrol is a Honeywell PA404A. I will appreciate any help u can give me.

  53. Rudy Hoggard Says:

    I have a Burnham V74 Boiler, Serial number 27-030552 and it is leaking water. What BTU (Burnham) do i need to replay it with? What model number? Thanks

  54. Bill McDonald Says:

    Four years ago we had an Burnham alpine high efficiency condensing holier. Ever since it was installed the exhaust vibrates with a hollow sound. I read that means it is running lean and needs a combustion test. So far I haven’t found a service technician that knows how to correct and adjust the holier.
    Please advise who, on or near Cape Cod, can help with this problem.
    Thank you in advance

  55. Bill McDonald Says:

    Four years ago we had an Burnham alpine high efficiency condensing holier. Ever since it was installed the exhaust vibrates with a hollow sound. I read that means it is running lean and needs a combustion test. So far I haven’t found a service technician that knows how to correct and adjust the holier.
    Please advise who, on or near Cape Cod, can help with this problem.
    Thank you in advance

  56. Toni Says:

    When thermostat calls go heat the cerculsto makes a big noti
    I’ve different zones at different times why?

  57. David Allen Says:

    Hi, I have an RS/112 oil fired boiler. Serial# 35 028397. Anyway I can obtain the date it was manufactured? Thanks,


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