Three types of burnham boilers efficiency and their definition

December 24th, 2011

Burnham boilers are known to be very efficient. Do you know that there are three types of efficiency for Burnham boilers? They are thermal efficiency, combustion efficiency and fuel to steam efficiency. Let’s break this down and find out what they really mean.

Thermal efficiency:

Thermal efficiency is simply the ratio of the heat utilized by the boiler to the total amount of heat energy consumed. It tells us the boiler’s capacity to transfer heat energy through the medium and surroundings. The higher the ratio of the utilized heat to consumed heat, the greater the boiler is at saving cost and maximizing fuel. Thermal efficiency is affected by the surface of the floor, the number of tubes transferring the heat via water and the diameter of the tube. We should always aim to buy a boiler which has a high thermal efficiency. It will help us save a lot money in the long run.

Combustion efficiency:

Combustion efficiency refers to the ability of the boiler to completely burn and utilize the fuel. Complete combustion means that the boiler can extract all the energy in the fuel and utilize it. Practically, that is impossible. There would always be some waste. The combustion efficiency varies for different fuel. Its 5 to 10 percent for natural gas and 5 to 20 percent for heating oil. We should always aim to get boilers which have good combustion efficiency as they can reduce fuel bills and waste of fuels.

Fuel to steam efficiency:

This is the most important type of efficiency that one should consider as it measures all the total heat loss like radiation and convection losses. Sometimes this is referred as the overall efficiency. This simply refers to the ratio of heat output to the heat input by the burner. The ratio will reflect the percentage of usable heat to the heat produced by the boiler. As such, this is the most important indicator of the boilers efficiency!

I hope you learned the basic definition of the three types of boilers efficiency. Please read our other post in the blog to learn more about Burnham boilers.

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