Choosing Burnham Boilers that suit your needs

December 10th, 2011

choosing your burnham boilers

Choosing Burnham boilers that will suit your needs

Burnham boilers come in a large variety of models and functions. There is a Burnham boiler for almost every requirement that you set. May it be your fuel sources, space restrictions or heating methods. You are free to set your expectations and requirements.

Burnham boilers customer care center

It’s sometime easier to talk to a real person rather than to search for information by ourselves. Burnham Commercial’s customer care center is open from Monday to Friday. Opening time is from 8am to 4pm (EST). They would be your best source to find your ideal boiler.

Burnham Toll free Customer Care: 888.791.3790

Burnham Email for Customer Care:

Three types of Burnham boilers

There are mainly three types of Burnham boilers. They are High Efficiency boilers, Forced Draft boilers and Atmospheric boilers. Each has a different function and purpose. Usually for residential use it is best to go with high efficiency boilers. As the name suggests – high efficiency boilers are very efficient and have high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. It means the boiler has an AFUE rating from 75% onwards. They are an economical choice for many families. Forced draft boilers is a boiler which uses air to heat up your houses. It has a power operated fan which provides the boiler with air. They are mainly used in offices, hospitals and shopping malls. They are not fit for residential use. Atmospheric boilers are boilers in which combustion of natural gas is drawn through the boiler without a fan. They are mainly used in the industrial sector as well.

Burnham boilers heating methods and fuel types

Burnham boilers use two types of heating methods. They are Water and Steam. Since Burnham boilers are hydronic boilers, the main heating method is via water.  You can even choose the type of fuel you prefer. Electricity, Oil and Natural Gas are the three fuels that are utilized by Burnham boilers. I would recommend the natural gas boilers if you prefer cheap and green fuel. But you should be very careful in maintaining it as leakages can be explosive.

Burnham boilers models

Burnham boiler models are very specific in their functions. Burnham Series 3 Boilers, Burnham ES2 Boilers, Burnham Freedom Boilers and Burnham Alpine Boilers are some of the most popular models. Among the models, the one which enjoys the immense popularity is the Burnham ALP080W model. It has high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating from 85% up to 95%. As a result, you can enjoy lowered fuel cost. Every ALP080W model is designed to match the fuel consumption that is exactly proportional to the heating demand of the boiler.

It means the Alpine models only use energy that they require and that changes according to the heating demand so that there would not be any waste of fuel resources. The firing rate also coordinates with the outside temperature so that you can have a constant temperature in your house. It belongs to the high efficiency boilers type. As I mentioned above, high efficient boilers work best for houses. So if you want to have a top-notch boiler for your house, use the Alpine series. I hope this article had given you some good insight on choosing you Burnham boilers.