Hydronic Heating and Burnham Boilers

December 1st, 2011

What do Burnham boilers utilize to heat up our houses?

Burnham boilers are known to be very efficient boilers. But, do you know how these Burnham boilers work efficiently? To understand this, we need to learn about Hydronic heating system. Hydronic heating system works based on the principle of radiation. Radiation is the emission of energy as electromagnetic waves or as moving subatomic particles. They mainly transfer heat energy. It is this radiation that is used to heat up our Earth. Sun’s energy reaches the Earth as radiation. Harmful radiations are filtered out by our atmosphere, leaving behind useful radiation that makes life possible on Earth. If radiation can heat up our Earth, why can’t it do the same for our houses?

The use of radiation is a new technology but it’s catching up pretty fast behind the conventional way of heating up our homes using air. Hydronic heating is a system in which hot liquid (usually water) is pumped through tubing which runs beneath the floor. The heat from the liquid is then radiated throughout the room to provide warmth. This is a very energy efficient way to heat our house. Burnham Boilers harness this exact technology to heat up our homes. This eliminates a lot problems that may arise from the use of conventional way of heating by blowing hot air. Firstly, blowing hot air in our houses produces a lot of unbearable noise, making life harder for us. It also possesses health problems such as asthma, especially for children. Thirdly, the heat from blowing of air is not evenly spread apart. You may notice that some places will be warm while the others will be cold. Certainly this is not a good system to heat up our houses. Last but not least, conventional heating is more expensive compared to hydronic heating.

burnham boilers and hydronic heating

The Journey of Hydronic Heating and Burnham boilers

In Hydronic heating, hot water is circulated around the house through loops of pipes. These plastic pipes are usually installed under concrete slab or floor joist system. This acts as radiant flooring which radiates heat evenly throughout the room. The journey of the liquid begins with an energy efficient boiler. It heats up the liquid before allowing it to flow to the manifold system. It acts as a control center. It is connected to a thermostat which directs the correct temperature of water to different areas of our house. This also allows you to personalize the temperature of each different zone in your house. The pump circulates the hot water around the house. The cold water then returns back to the boiler to begin its journey again. The closed, loop nature of the system allows for temperature to be customized. All this happens while the boiler maintains a superior level of energy efficiency.

The benefits of Hydronic Heating and Burnham boilers

The technology of radiant heating has been booming in the past decade but there are still a handful of people who are still not aware of the benefits of radiant heating. Radiant heating provides you with comfort, energy efficiency and flexibility.

Comfort as a result of hydronic heating:

Comfort is something which mankind has been trying to achieve in everything it does. Heating up our home is not any exception. Hydronic heating allows you to enjoy some benefits that are impossible with the traditional heating.

–       Different temperature for each room. Radiant heating allows you to customize the temperature of you rooms according to you own needs. For example, you may want you kitchen to be slightly warmer than your hall. You can do this with a twist of your thermostat’s dial.

–       Warm floor. Remember those times when you used to walk on cold tiles in the morning to get across your rooms? Well, no problem! Radiant heating systems will heat up your tiles gently that you would not feel any chillness in your bare feet.

–       Even heat. Radiant heating spreads the heat out evenly. It flows constantly upwards in a uniform motion to provide you with even heat source. So, there is no need to worry that some part of the room will be colder than another. Everything will be evenly heated.

–       Noise level. The noise produced by the conventional way of heating can really test our patience. It can be so loud that it may affect our normal lifestyle.  Hydronic heating eliminates this as everything is done under the floor in the form of waves.

The health benefits of Hydronic heating:

Health is precious. It’s as simple as that. We should not do anything that damages our health at any cost. Dust and allergens can pose serious health concern. They evoke sneezes and make it harder for us to breathe at times. Dust and harmful allergens are present in all our houses. Unfortunately, traditional heating systems force the rapid motion of air. This stirs up the dust and other allergens. That’s why you need air filters together with any air forced heaters. Even they will cause health problem if you were too careless on changing them frequently. These can cause problems which may lead to our ever growing stress. Hydronic heating avoids these problems completely as it does not involve any movement of air. This in turns provides a safe place for your family.

Energy efficiency of Hydronic Heating:

Energy efficiency refers to how well an appliance changes the electrical energy into useful energy. It not only has a positive impact on our planet, it also will let you enjoy reduced heating cost. Traditional heating system uses air to heat up your house. Water is a better heat conductor than air. This means that less energy is needed to heat up water than air. Thus, this will reduce the energy waste, helping you reduce your electricity bills. To give you a rough estimate, hydronic heating can help you reduce your electric bills by up to 20% to 40%.

Flexibility in using Hydronic Heating:

Hydronic heating systems can offer you unmatched flexibility. You can map out a simple design according to your own needs. Hydronic heating systems works with almost all energy sources such as natural gas, electricity or oil. If you lack enough space, you can easily install hydronic heating pipes around your walls. Unlike the traditional air forced heaters which require extensive duct work, hydronic heating can save you space!

That’s all about the definition of hydronic heating and its benefits. Burnham boilers work on the principal of hydronic heating. No wonder they are very efficient. To learn more about Burnham boilers and their benefits you can read all the other post on our blog.