How much can you save using Burnham Boilers?

November 28th, 2011

Save money using Burnham Boilers

How much can you save using Burnham boilers?

Burnham boilers had proved themselves to be very efficient and high performance boilers. When you have a highly efficient boiler, you can save huge on your utility bill. Well, that is the main reason for us to choose a high efficiency electrical appliance in the first place. But how much could you save when you switch from an old, bulky and most importantly inefficient boiler?

I am here to provide you with the answer. Let’s take a scenario. Bob is working very hard to keep his family happy. But the electricity bill or fuel bill is talking a large part of his income. He wants a change! He went on looking for an efficient boiler. Bob found a very efficient boiler, which is none other than Burnham boilers. I will give you a comparison of how much you can save from switching to Burnham Boilers.

1% increase in the efficiency from changing to Burnham boilers? Save $139.20

Burnham boilers will save you a fortune! Let’s start from the lowest saving to the highest saving. Bob is having a boiler which is 86% efficient. He wants to change to Burnham boiler which, for example, gives 87% efficiency. That’s an increase of 1% in the efficiency level of his new boiler. How much do you think he can save? He can save almost 1.16% on his new fuel bill. Well, that might not be a very enticing reason for you to switch. So, if Bob were to pay $100 for his bill, he could just save about $1.16 for that month. In 10 year (the lifespan of most boilers) Bob can save (1.16*12*10) $139.20. If I were him, I would not bother upgrading.

17% increase in the efficiency from changing to Burnham boilers? Save $2,914.80

Let’s take another scenario. This time bob is having a very old boiler which gives him a low efficiency percentage of just 70% (Considered very inefficient now a days). If he were to change to the new Burnham boiler which gives him efficiency percentage of about 87%, Bob can potentially save $2,914.80 in 10 years’ time. This might appeal more to you! Average cost of Burnham boilers is around $2,000 to $5,000. Just see how much you could potentially save!

Are there any other reasons to change to Burnham boilers?

Please do not base this as the sole reason to change your boiler. Not only do Burnham boilers help reducing your fuel bill, they also save you from frequent frustrations and huge maintenance fees. Burnham boilers, once set up properly, can last for a very long time. They need little to no maintenance, saving money and frustrations in the long run. If you have an old, ineffective boiler which breaks down very often, you should seriously consider changing your boiler to Burnham boiler. Please ask help from Professionals prior to setting up you boiler (If you decide to change it). This can save you a lot of trouble in the future!

Safety aspect of Burnham boilers:

Burnham boilers not only give you an edge over other boilers in terms of money savings, they can also offer you a wide variety of features which can help you feel cozy and comfortable at you home. Safety is a very important aspect that anyone should look into when buying a boiler. Boilers process high amount of thermal (heat) energy and we should be very careful about it. Burnham boilers are not any exception. That’s why they come with higher thermal shock resistance. It means that Burnham boilers can handle high temperature and prevent any leakages. This ensures that the boiler is safe and that it can last for long time.

I hope this article had helped you understand more about Burnham boilers.

3 Responses to “How much can you save using Burnham Boilers?”

  1. denise gorham Says:

    hi, I would like some information regarding getting an extended warranty on my burnham heating system. Do you have extended warranties, or could you guide me to a company that does have this?
    thanks again,

  2. Jill Vaughn Says:

    I purchased a ES24 Burnham Gas Boiler in the Spring of 2014. This is my first year using it. It has been nothing but problems. It cannot keep up to temperature and this is a bigger unit than required for my size home.

    I am so disappointed. The installer has never come back even after many calls.

    Can you help? This is still under warranty.

  3. bob murray Says:

    I have a 1982 Burnham V-1 boiler and use 1300 gallons of heating oil a year. What was the design efficiency of this boiler vs. today’s boilers–how much oil could I save a year by purchasing a new boiler?

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