Burnham Condensing Gas Boilers

January 24th, 2012

Burnham Condensing Gas Boilers are very efficient


Before talking about Burnham Condensing Gas boilers, let’s first talk about what is a condensing boiler! When the condensing boiler is working at its optimum efficiency, the water vapour that is produced as a result of gas combustion condenses back into water. That is why they are called “Condensing boilers”. This condensation of exhaust gases releases latent heat that is given off whenever the water vaporizes. These two process work together to create a highly efficient burnham boiler.

Burnham Condensing Gas boilers are water boiler which has high efficiency percentage, usually over 94% efficiency. There are three types of Burnham condensing gas boilers. The most popular one is the Alpine Boiler.

Alpine boilers

The Alpine boilers from Burnham Commercial offer the best value for a gas condensing boiler. With efficiency levels up to 96%, they are one of the best condensing gas boilers around on the market today. Alpine boilers are best used for office workplaces, industrial workplaces and small houses. The price range is between $2,900 to $7,700 making them affordable for most people. The BTU of the Alpine boilers range from 80,000 to 500,000 having a model for every use. Alpine boilers work with both: natural gas and Propane gas.

One cool feature of Alpine boilers is their auto firing rate technology. It detects the outside air temperature and adjusts its firing rate according to it. This helps maintaining a fixed temperature that you set throughout. The main feature of the Alpine models is their ASME-certified stainless steel heat exchanger. Each heat exchanger is tested in their factory to ensure quality and longevity.

Alpine boilers are attractive and smart. They have full backlit color touch screen displace to allow for easy navigation. The navigation is clean and understandable which would save you time from referring to the manual. They also come with a free extended warranty plan that covers all parts and labor for 5 years, with an option to upgrade to 10 years.

In short, Alpine boilers deliver…

– Efficiency level up to 96%

– $2,900 to $7,700 price range

– 80,000 to 500,000 BTU

– Natural or Propane Gas

– Auto firing technology

– ASME- certified stainless steel

– Up to 10 years warranty

8 Responses to “Burnham Condensing Gas Boilers”

  1. Luigi Fiore Says:

    96% Efficency
    105.000 output
    140.000 input
    how to buy and where to buy
    Luigi Fiore

  2. admin Says:

    Check this one:

  3. victor Says:

    i need a Burnham factory authorized/recommended installer in long island, new york area for a ALP105F-2G02 boiler. Thanks.

  4. admin Says:

    Check: Gold Medal Heating & Cooling

    (631) 657-6200

    364 Auborn Ave, Shirley, NY 11967

  5. Joe Walto Says:

    have a 2006 model PV83WT-TBWF serial #648-76-505 that I want to convert from #2 to gas. Can you supply a list of dealers near Wildwood N.J. (zip 08260) that I can contact to price this out

  6. Michael Staley Says:

    We had a Burnham Alpine propane pointer installed in 2012 and there a recurring issue of vibration during the post purge cycle. Our local gas supplier has not able to isolate the problem. Would It be possible for a Burnham field rep to inspect and trouble shoot the problem?

  7. mike gardner Says:

    I used my unit for approximately 9 months and it no longer works, I think it’s the computer, it not detecting the fan, and shuts down right after it starts.

  8. mike gardner Says:

    I have a CHG 150, who do I contact ?

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