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Burnham boilers are very efficient and a smooth boiler that is present in our market today. But, do you know where they come from? They are manufactured by Burnham Commercial. It is a leading boiler company, manufacturing and marketing high quality boiler system for both commercial and industrial applications.

It’s their efficiency that gave them the edge over other companies. They have efficiency percentage of up to 96%. That’s leaves only 4% of wasted energy. Burnham Commercial is still working on to improve their efficiency level every day. They are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards with American made materials. Burnham commercial is located in Lancaster, having state-of-the-art manufacturing machines to meet their quality demands.

burnham boilers

Why use burnham boilers?

Burnham boilers are the best residential hydronic boilers around in the market today.

Winters can be really disastrous. During winter, we face many problems. Coldness is the major problem one has to face during winter.

For example, when you bath, the water might suddenly turned cold. Furthermore, you might be forced to pay huge electricity bills with your old boiler.

Burnham boilers will help you maintain a cozy warm environment in your house. It also works very fast to meet the temperature demand after turning on the device.

 How Efficient are burnham boilers?

Burnham boilers are extremely efficient. What this means is that it makes use of electricity efficiently. This greatly helped to lower my electricity bill. It’s impossible to reduce the cost per unit of electricity. That’s why we have to make use of the electricity efficiently.

Let me explain. All electrical appliances have a certain percentage of efficiency level. The efficiency percentage indicates how well it can convert the electrical energy into useful energy. The remaining percentage indicates the wasted energy such as sound and heat energy.

Heat is a by-product of almost all electrical appliances. When electrical appliances such as music players and cell phones produce heat energy, it is considered as a wasted energy. This is because heat energy produced in music player and cell phones are not being used for any purpose.

Thus, one of the most wasted energy in electrical appliances is heat energy. But, this is not the same case for heaters used for home heating.

In fact, Heat energy is an energy utilized by them to provide warmth in our house. Thus, home boilers usually have a high percentage of electrical efficiency. But to achieve that high efficiency, the boiler should be made in a way that maximizes the electrical input. Burnham boilers are made in a way that fully maximizes the electrical input. They are made in America with high quality materials that increase the percentage of efficiency.

Energy efficient appliances such as Burnham boilers are not only good for reducing your utility bill but they would also release the demand for electricity by the equivalent of 25 large power plants according to the American Council. All that we need to do is to increases the energy-efficiency in our major appliances by 10 to 30%. Burnham boilers can help you achieve just that.

Are burnham boilers hard to maintain?

Old and inefficient boilers require great deal of time and money maintaining it. In the long run the maintenance fee might exceed the cost price that the old boiler was bought for. If that’s your case you need to lookout for another Hydronic boiler like burnham boilers. They do not need a great fortune running and maintaining it. In fact, I had not faced any serious issues with my burnham boilers yet.

Negative factors about burnham boilers

Not everything in this world in perfect. Burnham boilers are not any exception. They too have their share of downfalls.

Firstly, burnham boilers come with a hefty price tag. Its expensive price tag might make you initially to consider other choices. But you will be very glad if you chose burnham boilers. Even though you might have a slight hesitation to buy the burnham boilers at first for its price, it will be compensated by the fact that it requires little to no maintenance. Once it’s properly set up, it will work for a long time.

Talking about setting up the boiler, I have to admit that the process might be tedious and complicated for you. But with the good customer support from burnham boilers company, you will be able to set up the boiler the right way. I have seen some people who complain that they did not get any real value from burnham boilers. They complained that burnham boilers did not work properly, have leakages and etc…

All this will only happen if you have failed to set up the device properly. So, please do not take this lightly. Take careful steps in setting up your burnham boilers.

Summary of all positive and negative points about burnham boilers

Positive points about burnham boilers:

– Very efficient (Reduces your electrical bills)

– Little to no maintenance needed (save money and frustration)

– Works very fast (Less waiting time for radiation to take place)

– High quality boiler (Made from American made materials, it has excellent construction, sound design, and ace performance)

Negative Points about Burnham Boilers:

-High cost (Can be compensated by its long life span and performance)

-Complicated setting up process (Call for help from Burnham Commercial)

I hope that I had given you the required information about burnham boilers. That’s not all; you still have some reading up. Please read my other blog posts on burnham boilers. I will always stick with my motto, which is to help people make better informed decisions regarding burnham boilers.

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15 Responses to “Burnham boilers”

  1. Walt Kitonis Says:

    I just bought 3 units – Alpine 285s…..is there a way to connect these systems to the internet and monitor their operation?

  2. Robert Says:

    My heating contractor recently replaced my 25 year old WeilMcLain Nat Gas boiler with a Burnham Nat Gas boiler. My bill says it is a PVG4 -3W704N serial #65266595 with 105 BTU. My cost was $3700 for the boiler alone and $550 for intallation to my existing baseboard system.

    Two questions –
    Is the PVG4 105 BTU or is it 78?

    I see prices for the PVG4 under $2000 on the web. Is $3800 high?


  3. Mike Kozak Says:

    I have a burnham boiler model number PV84WTTBWF with a honeywell L7224/L7248 Electronic Aqustatat. I need to know the settings for High Limit, Low Limit, High Differential and Low Differential please. Thank you

  4. Eric Dempsey Says:

    Can you put Dempsey pro services on your site as a installation and repair company. I buy burnham boilers at the Portland group. Thank you for making great boilers.

  5. David Smith Says:

    I have a customer with a Burnham Boiler and would like to know how old it is. It is a P-207-W—-Serial # 17097998

    Thanks, David Smith

  6. Rick Says:

    We have a Burnham V8 series oil fired burner model # PV84WT-TBWF. Would like to know if this can be converted to gas. Thank you

  7. John Lambert Says:

    Can a Burnham steam boiler be converted over to a hot water boiler? what parts would I need to remove, and what would I need to replace them with?
    PS I understand all the old piping would need to be removed the house is already open for re-piping and can be done easily. unit in place is only 2 years old.

  8. Lil Says:

    I moved to a house that has bernham boiler 22152378 serial number. I need to figure out how old the system is and what the life expectancy of this model is. Thanks.

  9. Ada - Borup School Says:

    Is it posssible to get a manual for this boiler

    ser# AJ472851

  10. Gisele sherburne Says:

    Burnham oil fired hot water boiler year 1995 ,water to showers is cold after running only a few seconds but hot at kitchen sink for a long time .

  11. don walker Says:

    looking at model SP6PI-T2 SER 64906074, what is process and parts to convert to propane, is this condensing boiler or what efficiency is it, approx what year was it made

  12. John Says:

    I have a Burham oil fired boiler model PV84WT-TLWF and need to replace the single wall heat exchanger. Can you provide replacement cost of the coil and provide direction on how to replace it?

  13. Tom Says:

    I have a Burnham oil fired boiler with a Beckett burner and would like a conversion kit to use gas. M# PV84WC-TBWN S# 64625184 Which kit do I need?

  14. Ken Says:

    I have a v8h series oil boiler. I would like to know if burnham makes a conversion kit to natural gas

  15. Ray Leddy Says:

    have an RS 109 model and need parts such as filters and nozzle tip. What are the parts needed for a tuneup and where can I get them?

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