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Burnham boilers are very efficient and a smooth boilers that are present in our market today. But, do you know where they come from? They are manufactured by Burnham Commercial. It is a leading boiler company, manufacturing and marketing high quality boiler system for both commercial and industrial applications.

It’s their efficiency that gave them the edge over other companies. They have efficiency percentage of up to 96%. That’s leaves only 4% of wasted energy. Burnham Commercial is still working on to improve their efficiency level every day. They are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards with American made materials. Burnham commercial is located in Lancaster, having state-of-the-art manufacturing machines to meet their quality demands.

burnham boilers

Why use burnham boilers?

Burnham boilers are the best residential hydronic boilers around in the market today.

Winters can be really disastrous. During winter, we face many problems. Cold is the major problem one has to face during winter.

For example, when you bath, the water might suddenly turn cold. Furthermore, you might be forced to pay huge electricity bills with your old boiler.

Burnham boilers will help you maintain a cozy warm environment in your house. It also works very fast to meet the heat demands after turning on the device.

 How Efficient are burnham boilers?

Burnham boilers are extremely efficient. What this means is that it makes use of electricity efficiently. This greatly helped to lower my electricity bill. It’s impossible to reduce the cost per unit of electricity. That’s why we have to make use of the electricity efficiently.

Let me explain. All electrical appliances have a certain percentage of efficiency level. The efficiency percentage indicates how well it can convert the electrical energy into useful energy. The remaining percentage indicates the wasted energy such as sound and heat energy.

Heat is a by-product of almost all electrical appliances. When electrical appliances such as music players and cell phones produce heat energy, it is considered as a wasted energy. This is because heat energy produced in music player and cell phones are not being used for any purpose.

Thus, one of the most wasted energy in electrical appliances is heat energy. But, this is not the same case for heaters used for home heating.

In fact, Heat energy is an energy utilized by them to provide warmth in our house. Thus, home boilers usually have a high percentage of electrical efficiency. But to achieve that high efficiency, the boiler should be made in a way that maximizes the electrical input. Burnham boilers are made in a way that fully maximizes the electrical input. They are made in America with high quality materials that increase the percentage of efficiency.

Energy efficient appliances such as Burnham boilers are not only good for reducing your utility bill but they would also release the demand for electricity by the equivalent of 25 large power plants according to the American Council. All that we need to do is to increases the energy-efficiency in our major appliances by 10 to 30%. Burnham boilers can help you achieve just that.

Are burnham boilers hard to maintain?

Old and inefficient boilers require great deal of time and money maintaining it. In the long run the maintenance fee might exceed the cost price that the old boiler was bought for. If that’s your case you need to lookout for another Hydronic boiler like burnham boilers. They do not need a great fortune running and maintaining it. In fact, I had not faced any serious issues with my burnham boilers yet.

Negative factors about burnham boilers

Not everything in this world in perfect. Burnham boilers are not any exception. They too have their share of downfalls.

Firstly, burnham boilers come with a hefty price tag. Its expensive price tag might make you initially to consider other choices. But you will be very glad if you chose burnham boilers. Even though you might have a slight hesitation to buy the burnham boilers at first for its price, it will be compensated by the fact that it requires little to no maintenance. Once it’s properly set up, it will work for a long time.

Talking about setting up the boiler, I have to admit that the process might be tedious and complicated for you. But with the good customer support from burnham boilers company, you will be able to set up the boiler the right way. I have seen some people who complain that they did not get any real value from burnham boilers. They complained that burnham boilers did not work properly, have leakages and etc…

All this will only happen if you have failed to set up the device properly. So, please do not take this lightly. Take careful steps in setting up your burnham boilers.

Summary of all positive and negative points about burnham boilers

Positive points about burnham boilers:

– Very efficient (Reduces your electrical bills)

– Little to no maintenance needed (save money and frustration)

– Works very fast (Less waiting time for radiation to take place)

– High quality boiler (Made from American made materials, it has excellent construction, sound design, and ace performance)

Negative Points about Burnham Boilers:

-High cost (Can be compensated by its long life span and performance)

-Complicated setting up process (Call for help from Burnham Commercial)

I hope that I had given you the required information about burnham boilers. That’s not all; you still have some reading up. Please read my other blog posts on burnham boilers. I will always stick with my motto, which is to help people make better informed decisions regarding burnham boilers.

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78 Responses to “Burnham boilers”

  1. Walt Kitonis Says:

    I just bought 3 units – Alpine 285s…..is there a way to connect these systems to the internet and monitor their operation?

  2. Robert Says:

    My heating contractor recently replaced my 25 year old WeilMcLain Nat Gas boiler with a Burnham Nat Gas boiler. My bill says it is a PVG4 -3W704N serial #65266595 with 105 BTU. My cost was $3700 for the boiler alone and $550 for intallation to my existing baseboard system.

    Two questions –
    Is the PVG4 105 BTU or is it 78?

    I see prices for the PVG4 under $2000 on the web. Is $3800 high?


  3. Mike Kozak Says:

    I have a burnham boiler model number PV84WTTBWF with a honeywell L7224/L7248 Electronic Aqustatat. I need to know the settings for High Limit, Low Limit, High Differential and Low Differential please. Thank you

  4. Eric Dempsey Says:

    Can you put Dempsey pro services on your site as a installation and repair company. I buy burnham boilers at the Portland group. Thank you for making great boilers.

  5. David Smith Says:

    I have a customer with a Burnham Boiler and would like to know how old it is. It is a P-207-W—-Serial # 17097998

    Thanks, David Smith

  6. Rick Says:

    We have a Burnham V8 series oil fired burner model # PV84WT-TBWF. Would like to know if this can be converted to gas. Thank you

  7. John Lambert Says:

    Can a Burnham steam boiler be converted over to a hot water boiler? what parts would I need to remove, and what would I need to replace them with?
    PS I understand all the old piping would need to be removed the house is already open for re-piping and can be done easily. unit in place is only 2 years old.

  8. Lil Says:

    I moved to a house that has bernham boiler 22152378 serial number. I need to figure out how old the system is and what the life expectancy of this model is. Thanks.

  9. Ada - Borup School Says:

    Is it posssible to get a manual for this boiler

    ser# AJ472851

  10. Gisele sherburne Says:

    Burnham oil fired hot water boiler year 1995 ,water to showers is cold after running only a few seconds but hot at kitchen sink for a long time .

  11. don walker Says:

    looking at model SP6PI-T2 SER 64906074, what is process and parts to convert to propane, is this condensing boiler or what efficiency is it, approx what year was it made

  12. John Says:

    I have a Burham oil fired boiler model PV84WT-TLWF and need to replace the single wall heat exchanger. Can you provide replacement cost of the coil and provide direction on how to replace it?

  13. Tom Says:

    I have a Burnham oil fired boiler with a Beckett burner and would like a conversion kit to use gas. M# PV84WC-TBWN S# 64625184 Which kit do I need?

  14. Ken Says:

    I have a v8h series oil boiler. I would like to know if burnham makes a conversion kit to natural gas

  15. Ray Leddy Says:

    have an RS 109 model and need parts such as filters and nozzle tip. What are the parts needed for a tuneup and where can I get them?

  16. Joanne Antonopoulos Says:

    i have burnham, boiler number v-14a-mt, maintenance guy says it needs a new firebox. how do I find one.

  17. Michael Rangel Says:

    For all of you people who are trying to service or inquire about prices,just remember that these contractors and technicians, they have to study in order to become professionals, people say any monkey can turn a wrench, but not anyone can service a boiler. Stop being so cheap and pay the professionals or go to school and learn how to do the work.

  18. Terry Hershberger Says:

    In October ’07, we purchased a Burnham boiler. After installation we had a problem with sporadic shutdowns. This would require me to reset the controller in order to get heat. I called installer, he brought salesman with him. It was determined that an auxilliary loop needed to be installed to dissipate the heat from the boiler to stop shutdowns. This did not stop boiler shutdowns, sometimes several times a day. After paying $7,500, when a $4,000 boiler was available, this was a bit hard to swallow. Why, after installation, is it necessary for me to reset boiler to keep the house warm? Are all homeowners expected to do this?

    My concern is that we are nearing the end of the warranty and the boiler has NEVER operated without a periodic reset. I have been a miilwright for 30 years, this sounds to me like a manufacturer or installer problem. The installer just gives me a hard time because he doesn’t know what to do. I even asked him if I needed a lawyer to make my case and he exploded.

    On the website it is stated that proper installation is paramount to correct operation. I would expect that after new installation that it should be hands free operation for a long time, not a daily journey to the basement to reset the boiler. This morning was the last straw! I woke up at 4am to a cold house! Our outside temp this morning is near 0! I have reported to installer on several occasions that there will be a huge bang, like an Explosion! He is dismissive and disinterested!

    I would greatly appreciate some assistance in this matter before our warranty is out or our house is lifted from the foundation by explosion or reduced to an ash pile.

    I can be reached at 419-966-2838 anytime. Please help me with this concern.

    P.S. When working, the response time for heat is absolutely incredible! This is an absolutely a great product, we just didn’t get set up right.

  19. Rick Says:

    I have a Burnham oil burning boiler (serial number 22041822) I can not find a model number on the unit only the following information;
    DOE HTG CAP MBH 88, WATER MBH 76.5, LT OIL GPH 0.75, WATER 3, MINIMUM Relief valve capacity 88. I would like to know if I can convert this boiler to natural gas? If possible, please email me the answer at crotis@msn.com.

  20. Stephen Exelbert Says:

    What is the BTU rating of a Burnham V15AT oil fired boiler?

  21. Jae Says:

    Does burnham have dealers / service people in Wisconsin ?

  22. john durkin Says:

    i have had a burnham boiler series 2A for 20 years it work great.But now when it kicks in to start the relay makes a different sound almost like a shutter sound should i be concerned. It allways works?

  23. Jesse Thurlow Says:

    I had two IN3 boilers installed Oct 2013. In Season use, one boiler draws about 1 gallon of water in 3 months, the other draws about 9 gallons of water/week, It is heating 4 standard sized & one 1/3 sized radiators. Supply piping to all but one radiator is visible for inspection and no leaks have been detected, one radiator feed/return lines are not visible/accessible for inspection. Is 9 gallons water/week normal or above normal usage?

  24. Jesse Thurlow Says:

    Math in comment 16 is a little off . Is 2 to 3 gallons of water use for an IN3 steam boiler excessive?

  25. john durkin Says:

    Good Morning i have a Boiler s/n17353185–model p206a-wnv.My question is when the relay kicks in to start it makes a shuttering sound.Unlike before it make a sharp turn-on chick.What sould i do Thx Jd

  26. Ralph Brancadoro Says:

    I have a Burnham Steam Boiler (residential) It is a V-74 Serial number: 27118839 we were wondering what is the age of the boiler?


  27. Thomas Burrill Says:

    Can you tell me the date my boiler was made? It is a model RS-109 w/ serial # 35007903
    Also can you tell me what the BTU output is for this boiler.

  28. EmilyWood Says:

    Could u please tell me what the age of my boiler is? It’s a Burnham Model # P-208-W, Serial # 17096285. Also would like to know if it is O.K. for it to be configured with two circulator pumps for 2-zone heating? Please respond to: 920-227-5028 or girlyemy@gmail.com. THX.

  29. Caroline Says:

    I am having installed a new gas Burnham Boiler ES26BNi-G GAS ATMOSPERIC Boiler, 85% efficiency.
    I WANTED TO HAVE IT PLACED ON 12 INCH CEMENT CYLINDER BLOCK WITH THE HOLES FILLED WITH CEMENT since I have had a sewer back-up 12 inches high and also one flood.
    On line : “forum.heatinghelp.com” I read that usong 12 inch blocks is dangerous since the flame can cool and cause carbon monoxide fumes and lack of boiler efficiency.
    Therefore it was stated that a 12 inch pad is required instead of blocks. Is this true?

  30. Ron Wooten-Green Says:

    I have a Burnham gas fired boiler P-204-W, but do not have a manual. Is it possible to get one? Thanks.

  31. Bob N Says:

    My dad is trying to repair his Burnham gas boiler. He says the following numbers appear on the stamped plate in the unit: G-3a, 4-22, Series 7, 720-56-a. Not sure which are model numbers, or other identifying marks. Unfortunately, he is in PA and I am in Chicago so I cannot provide more info at this time. Any help appreciate. Units probably date from early-1970s.

  32. Tina Zaloglu Says:

    In 2012, we installed a Burnham Alpine ALP150 ultra high efficiency modulating gas boiler. For the last several months, randomly the boiler will make VERY loud banging noise for about 2-5 minutes. Boiler is working. We invited our installer twice & every time he arrives the boiler isn’t making noise & he can’t locate the issue.
    Are there any Burnham techs in the Boston, MA area that can help us?

    Thank you

  33. Harvey Chambers Says:

    I have a Burnham boiler pv83wt-tbwf serial 64520033 installed in 2003 This boiler has a heating coil. It does not fulfill our needs. What boiler-mate do you recommend? tel 860-875-0337

  34. Dennis Riemer Says:

    I have a Burnham boiler model #RV4NSL-L2 that I use for Radiant floor heating. When calling for heat, the pilot will light and stay lit, the fan is on, but the burners will not light. This is a sporadic behavior. Sometimes the burners will light. I can shut the unit off and wait 30 seconds and turn back on and the burners will then light. Is this a gas valve malfunction or another issue.

  35. Rick Pal Says:

    Hi Chris, I own an SCG-4NI-TS gas boiler with an Amtrol BoilerMate WH41Z. At the end of a heating cycle, the boiler turns off and on, off and on, off and on, only on some cycles. I’m also not sure what the L4080D high limit aquastat should be set to? Amtrol is set to 120F the high limit is set to 170F.

  36. Chris W.. Says:

    How many BTUs are the Burnham VR 8204/VR 8304 models?

  37. Ron Says:

    I am installing a Burnham Alpine for a customer was wondering if I can get away with just using circulator on boiler loop and using zone valves on the two heat zones and super stor zone or do I need to put a circulator for each zone?

  38. Rob C Says:

    I have a burnham boiler P-208-WNV serial 17213657(discontinued)
    do you recommend a specific thermocouple?
    the universal ones burn out after a few months.

  39. Dave Barnett Says:

    We have a Burnham RS-109 boiler with a Beckett burner, approximately 28 years old. It was originally tankless, but had a Superstore indirectly fired water heater added when we bought the house about 16 years ago.
    It needs some work: It clanks after the burner shuts off and the top sheet metal is warped, requiring cementing after annual cleanings.
    We just had a sales call for a new system, but the sales person said this system really isn’t that old.
    I have been trying to obtain a parts and service manual for the RS-109, but can’t seem to locate one. The dealer did not have a catalog that old and could not find information online.
    Please provide a link and indicate if parts are available.

    Dave Barnett

  40. Joe Carriere Says:

    What is the part number of the thermocouple for a P-204-W furnace??
    Joe Carriere

  41. george Says:

    I have a burnham freedom boiler. Recently, it stopped working. I went to the basement to find that there is no power. The electronic display under the boiler face panel at the bottom shows nothing. Clearly there is no power getting to the boiler. I checked the exhaust for anything that could be in the way or stopping up, as the instructions said the boiler shuts down in these instances. But again, no power to the boiler or display panel with the “reset” button. Hitting the reset button, of course, does nothing. Please help.
    George Holzbach
    559 N Oakland st
    Arlington, va 22203

  42. Bob Hazelton Says:

    I’m trying to find out when my Burnham oil-fired boiler was manufactured. It was in the house when we bought it in 1988, we’ve had it serviced annually, and we’ve been very happy with it for 28 years. But we’ve now converted to gas so it’s been retired.
    Boiler Number V-15A
    Serial #22 07-4949
    Your help would be much appreciated.

  43. Karen Clift Says:

    I have a Burnham gas burner and I am trying to figure out how old it is. I can’t see a place on your site to find this information. The boiler # is P205W and the serial # is 17156963 please forward me the age of this burner and tell me how long they usually last.

    thank you !

    Karen Clift

  44. Dave Lillback Says:

    I’m looking for help locating the age and a parts manual for a Burnham boiler model P204A-WPI ser # 17322298. It is in excellent condition and the new homeowner is getting Natural gas service to the site and requesting conversion from propane to natural gas. I need info for burner orfice part #, pilot assy part #, and possible Nat gas valve part #.

    Thank you for your time on this.

    Dave Lillback

  45. T Kanagy Says:

    I have a PXG2004A-WNI. Do I need a special vent for my unit?

  46. Jim Rimsza Says:

    I have a Burnham boiler model 204PS-TEI5 manufactured in 2002. I want to confirm that there is no asbestos in the unit. Jim

  47. Colleen Somers Says:

    Burnham boiler model #55W serial #7528111. Can you please tell me the manufacture date of this unit. Thank you

  48. Bob Schmidt Says:

    I have a Burnham Es2 (77000 btu) boiler. I am confused to the location of the pump. Some drawings show the pump on supply pumping to the system. Some drawings show the pump on the return pumping into the boiler. (located close to boiler) Which way does Burnham prefer? Thanks Bob

  49. Joe Carrier Says:

    what is the minimum depressurization limit for a burnham boiler model # P205AWNZ

  50. bob haas Says:

    cannot get the swing door open on a burnham model 55a is there just the two bolts that hold it from swinging open

  51. Carol Turgeon Says:

    I have a P-204-W NG furnace which froze and cracked last winter due to antifreeze level being too low. Is there a higher efficiency furnace that can slide in place of the P-204 with minimal fit-up?

  52. Ray Richard Says:

    How do I determine the age of one of your boilers?

    Ray Richard

  53. Tony Russo Says:

    I have a Burnham ES2 gas burner. I believe it is about 3 or 4 years old. I bought the house two years ago. I tried turning the heat on yesterday and it does not start. It tries to start (Sta SPARK),there is a pilot flame and it gives up and re-tries. Gas is definitely on because our stove and hot water heater are functioning. I heard there was some known issue with this unit. Is that true? Would it still be under warranty?

  54. Tom Millert Says:

    Trying to find parts – Honeywell gas valve – for a Burnham gas fired hydronic boiler. It was installed in 1990 and I need the Honeywell gas valve model #VR800C 1216.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  55. mike gardner Says:

    I have a CHG 150 direct vent, gas hot water boiler, I installed it in January 2013 it has worked fine. 2013, 2014, 2015. I brought up, my water level to clear the low water safety, I put a little water in the condensate tube at the bottom to create a neg. draw. This is my forth year, it should fire right up, the fan comes on, a bit louder than I remember, it tries to proof a flame. and shuts down. the digital code analysis, give me number that are not in the book or on the cover. 0-60 then A-58 I can’t find a reference to those numbers to understand the diagnostic. is there a video that would help me trouble shoot. Nothing has changed I don’t understand how a new boiler is now not working, before I bring in a tech, perhaps you can suggest a course of action, a pre-season check, and understanding what these codes are ?
    my fan was coming on, but variable speeds, and would not stay on, as if the control board is not reading the fan, or adjusting speed, then the fan stopped. it suggest to me that my main control board may need to be replaced, deductive reasoning, how can this be, I only have three winters on the board. Is there a warrantee that cover the first few years.

  56. Jesus Contreras Says:

    I’m looking for owners manual for a v-8 series model number PV-83ST-HBUR. Serial number: 64853935. I would appreciate if you could send me one even an installation manual as well . Reason being I would like to know more about the unit that is heating our home. Thank you, sincerely J.Contreras . P.s. If you could please send it to 305 E. Main Street Shiremanstown , PA. 17011 thanks again.

  57. Lenore White Says:

    I had a burnham boiler installed in May of 2000. Model no PV73WT-TBWF. A few months ago, I had the water heater replaced with a Crown Mega store, MS40 unit. Since installation of the water heater, I have had nearly every part replaced on the burner including the ignition, the oil pump, and others for a cost of about $1000.00. does this seem right? is there anything incompatible about the 2 units? Why do I now have so much trouble with the burner? Any thoughts are welcome and thanks in advance.

  58. Peter Houg Says:

    I have a LE oil boiler which I’m putting in a new front door outer insulation #8203302.Would Meeco’s rope gasket adhesive work or what is recommended?

  59. mike gardner Says:

    Do you guys have a technician that can get my boiler working again. it’s getting cold, is someone going to get back to me ?

  60. Ron Osterlein Says:

    Is it possible to get the owners manual for a low pressure boiler – not sure of the model number but the serial number is 11013729 and boiler number is p7-w-22an.

    Thanks Ron

  61. jessica Says:

    having problems lighting the pilot

  62. Ron raffele Says:

    I am installing a wifi thermostat. It says I have to the G wire to C and install a jumper wire. Serial number is 035054435. Do you have a wiring diagram and location? Thanks

  63. George Behrens Says:

    I need to find a service technician to do the yearly maintenance on my Burnham propane fired gas boiler. I leave in a remote part of WV (zip 24944)
    and have been unable to a certified technician to
    do the annual check up. Please send me some names if they are available

    Thanking you in advance,

  64. Ken Gollnick Says:

    where can I find a manual for a 5-22a?

  65. Alfred Quarles Says:

    I have a Burnham gas heater that does non start at the set temp I have to turn the on and off switch to get it to come on some times I have to bang on the frame before the pilot comes on I can hear a clicking sound when I flip the switch could their be a dust build that is causing this

  66. David Says:

    I have two BURNHAM ALPINE BOILERs which are located in sandwich Ma. (02563)
    Both are MODEL ALP150BW-2T02 installed in 2014 with the 5 year service plans (the boilers are not in the same building). These boilers are in a summer house (one in the house the other in the garage) this refers to the house boiler with hot water tank.
    I am away for several weeks at a time and turn the thermosets down, when I leave, as low as they go and turn them back up when I return. Several days ago I turned the themos (3 zone) up and waited for heat. Usually the heat comes up within 5 – 10 minutes. This time no heat and no hot water, the screen on the boiler was red and HARD LOCKOUT was displayed. I followed the help prompts and boiler and hot water came on. The boiler seems to be working fine for the last 3 days. Should I leave the thermostats set higher when I leave the house? Do I need a service call?
    Thank you
    David 774-644-0999
    P.S. It would be helpful if there was a factory 800 contact were a home owner could get help and may avoid paying for an unnecessary service calls.

  67. David LaFrance Says:

    Good morning
    I am trying to determine the age of my Burnham Boiler. It has cracked and I am trying to qualify for assistance/rebate for replacing it. It is a V-74-T, SN 27042189. Thanks for your time and help,


  68. Rao Vallabhaneni Says:

    In my house, Oil Fired Burnham Boiler was installed in 1997. It is RS type Boiler with tankless water heating system. on the plate, it says CRN & Boiler# RS-112 and Serial# 35077952. It had Tankless Water Heater, Model# 7524.
    I could not able to find this Boiler on any website.
    I would appreciate, if some one gives me a website to find about the details of this Boiler.

    — Rao

  69. Don Says:

    I am working on a steam boiler and the part number is 5-70.Do you have any literature on this boiler and the year it was made, thanks for any help on it,Don Harrell, W C Wright Heating and air, Birmingham, AL

  70. Elmer Buller Says:

    i am looking far a pilot assembly for a
    SCG89I-GS Burnahm boiler. s/n 65285988. Please advise part number, price and delvery.

    Thank you

  71. Mohammad Khan Says:

    I bought a Burnham Boiler on 11/2008 Model#101341-05, Se#65106872 and is only eight plus years. The boiler is gone as per plumber leaking badly. I need a new boiler from Burnham because boiler should have ten years manufacture warranty. Please call me ASAP. Thank you
    Mohammad Khan
    347 866 2520

  72. Lisa Hendricks Says:

    My Burnham boiler has been excellent for over 30 years and now has carbon monoxide leak and the expansion tank needs to be replaced, also a relief valve. How many more years should I expect from this or is it time for a new one? The quote I got was almost half of a new install.

  73. Gene Han Says:

    I have a Burnham boiler model p-207-win, serial #17345445 what’s the part number for the ignitor please.

  74. E Theriault Says:

    I have a Burnham Series 2 Gas Boiler – Model RVGP-KS-6BKF, Serial No. E 2498910 but I do not know the age or how often it should be maintained. Could you please advise me of the age and what service I should schedule if it hasn’t had any preventative maintenance since I bought the house 4 years ago. Thank you.

  75. gail quartarone Says:

    I have a question on a boiler purchase 3 years ago with regard to calcium build up on pipes coming from the boiler and not getting enough hot water.

  76. doug Says:

    Our in floor radiant heating system has a leak and looses fluid . Would you recommend putting in some Fernox ( stop leak ) the boiler model # SP4PI-5T

  77. William Eichelberger Says:

    We have a Burnham boiler ANS-Z21-B A1983
    PXG 2005-WHA
    We have had it since 1989 and recently had some parts replaced. The thermostat was removed. The contractor said that the thermostat should be removed. Where did he get the info–on your web site? Was it correct?

  78. Allan Kent Says:

    I am selling a house which has a Burham Corp, Hydronics Div boiler, Boiler # V-34 Serial # 7575119. The buyer’s insurance company wants to know how old it is. Can you tell from the serial number when it was manufactured? My e-mail is ALRKent@comcast.net (Your “mail” blank in this form should apparently be “e-mail”.)

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